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CLiC is excited to announce our new cooperative purchase opportunity, Britannica School.

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Britannica School!

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Britannica School!
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Britannica School contains:

  • An Online Teaching and Learning Resource Tailor-Made for STEM Education

  • Nonfiction Content Aligned to the Next Generation Science, Common Core, and State Curriculum Standards

  • Three user-friendly interfaces— Elementary, Middle, or High School—appropriate for each student. A toggle provides instant access to content at a student’s reading level. Read-aloud and built-in translation features support students with special needs and ELLs.


  • Material is updated regularly to provide current content.
    • Age-appropriate encyclopedias provide content for all reading levels, Prek-12 and up
    • Thousands of magazine and journal articles on STEM topics
    • Pop-up Merriam-Webster Dictionary in English/Spanish
    • 90,000 images, videos, and audio clips
    • Subject Browse capability
    • 129,000 of the Web’s Best Sites
    • “Did You Know” facts and videos
  • Support for Differentiated Instruction

  • Students and teachers can search, tag, save, and share content. The Lesson Plan Builder helps teachers create collaborative activities for small and large groups.

  • Student Project Help
    • MLA, APA, Harvard, and Chicago Manual of Style citations for each article
    • “My Content” to store/share research
    • How To documents for Book Reviews, Presentations, Research Papers, and Science Reports
    • Primary sources and e-books just a click away
    • Topic-related study guides

  • Universal Access
    • The same user experience when viewing content on a tablet, smartphone, laptop, desktop computer, or any Internet-connected device with a Web browser.




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