Join with Other Colorado Libraries in E-Discovering the Classics!

What is E-Discover the Classics?

  • Nearly 500 Downloadable Classics from Project Gutenberg through your Library Catalog.
  • Includes the most popular downloaded e-books such as Pride and Prejudice, The Time Machine, A Christmas Carol, Jane Eyre and many more!
  • Both MARC records and e-book files are in the public domain.

Why should you participate in E-Discover the Classics?

  • Patrons who received an IPad, Nook, Kindle, or other reader for the holidays will want to download e-content from the library.
  • You could send them to the difficult-to-use Project Gutenberg site, but wouldn’t it be better to send them to your library's catalog first!
  • E-Discover the Classics is one more step in helping the public see libraries as The Place for hot trends like e-books.

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