CE for Supervisors & Directors


Our Spring Workshops are known for practical and valuable content, including sessions perfectly tailored to Supervisors and Directors!

Here’s a quick appetizing sampler…

Safer Stacks with a Side of Doughnuts

This session will cover how a branch library in South Westminster started a culture of change by working with their local police officers. Learn about methods of building relationships and trust between you, your community, and your local law enforcement.

Talking to elected officials: how to make your voice heard

Talking with elected officials (or anyone above you in the organizational food chain) makes many people cringe. This session will provide tips Gene Hainer has picked up after 20-some years about ways to more effectively make your point by phone, email, or in person; how to learn more about elected officials before contacting them; plus sample scenarios to practice on during the session to sharpen your political voice.

10 Tips for Effective Board Meetings

Many library boards don’t reach their fullest potential for effective governance. In fact, many suffer from board dysfunction that might not be fully apparent. This session will give trustees and directors top tips for effective board meetings, clarifying key roles to allow the library system to thrive.

Vital Elements for Engaging Volunteers

Provides essential tools for beginning a new volunteer program or building an existing but stagnant group of volunteers into an engaged and dynamic team. Participants will explore readily available resources for recruiting, tracking, scheduling and communicating successfully with volunteers.

Policy Workshop: Promoting our Principles in Practice

Are you going to buy that controversial book? Is the personal information of your users protected? Ready for a challenge to your current cultural display? All of these questions can be traced backed to your policies, and this is your chance to make sure your policies are up to date and geared towards promoting our professional principles.

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