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Let us contact YOU! There are so many ways to reach us. Start by sending email to where several of us will see it, OR you can fill out and submit the form below. If you prefer, you can contact any one of us directly... Look, our phone numbers and email addresses are all here. Just don't resort to telepathy, because that's an unproven technology for us. We’re primed and ready to serve you!

Jim Duncan

Executive Director
Office: 303-422-1150
Direct: 720-739-3679

Sara Wright

Assistant Director
Office: 303-422-1150
Direct: 720-739-4878

Ross Callender

Regional Consultant – West/Southwest CO
Cell: 970-250-4968
Direct: 720-739-5366

Sandy Messick

Regional Consultant – Southeast CO
Phone: 719-853-6632
Cell: 720-557-5457
Direct: 720-739-5818

Katherine Weadley

Regional Consultant – Northeast CO
Direct: 720-739-5336
Cell: 720-827-3925

Kira Zimmerman

Cooperative Products Manager
Office: 303-422-1150
Direct: 720-739-7986
Cell: 719-661-1443

Christina Hughes

Cooperative Purchasing Assistant
Office: 303-422-1150
Direct: 720-588-9628

Bob Bennhoff

AspenCat Services Manager
Office: 303-422-1150
Direct: 720-739-8714
Cell: 720-384-4203

Lauren Conley

AspenCat Consultant
Office: 303-422-1150
Direct: 720-739-5695

Jo Hunter

AspenCat Support Specialist
Cell: 970-242-3084

Sharon Walker

Courier/Business Manager or
Office: 303-422-1150
Direct: 720-739-5747

Andrea Pettegrew

Human Resources Manager
Office: 303-422-1150
Direct: 720-739-5846