Things We've Tried

CLiC has a history of experimentation and collaboration, returning immense value back to libraries.

In Brief: Four Past Initiatives Involving CLiC

CLiC’s Making on the Move Pilot Project

Making on the Move was a two-year pilot program designed to allow libraries and their communities an opportunity to experience the maker movement.  Making enhances skills, supports STEM for youth and often gives patrons something to take home after the experience.  These “mobile maker kits” were transported through the statewide Courier system from one participating library to another.

Common Cents for Colorado

Providing fiscal agency support for this two-year FINRA grant (July 2015-June 2017), which focused on delivery of financial literacy education in 14 libraries, CLiC continues to maintain archival access to resource files associated with the project. View those resource files on Dropbox. The State Library has maintained the web site associated with this project. Visit that web site.

Evoke Colorado

Beginning in 2012, a handful of Colorado library organizations undertook an ambitious experiment designed to revolutionize the relationship between libraries and publishers, all surrounding e-book purchase and delivery. From the welcome page of that initiative: “Here’s our idea: libraries need to learn how to manage several emerging channels of digital content. We’re doing that in Colorado. At this site, you’ll find all the tools and aids we developed to help ourselves. Everything we have — from legal framework to information architecture to the list of our publishing partners to the open source code that makes it all work — is freely offered to the library community. We firmly believe that this is the most exciting time in the history of our profession. We also believe that librarians should be significant players in this revolution.” CLiC’s involvement was as fiscal agent for these grant-funded project efforts.

E-Discover the Classics

Our organization partnered with others to produce and distribute MARC records representing nearly 500 downloadable classic books from Project Gutenberg. That’s access right from your library catalog! The list includes popular books like Alice in Wonderland, Pride and Prejudice, The Time Machine, A Christmas Carol, Jane Eyre and many more. While we’ve retired that dedicated E-Discover the Classics web site, we’re still making the MARC records file available. Contact us for more information.