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Statistics galore … make your data work for you! Below you’ll find:

  • Checkout statistics at your library for eBooks and eAudiobooks broken out by month.
  • Monthly totals of items sent and received at your library as part of AspenCat resource sharing, broken out by either calendar year or courier fiscal year.


AspenCat eBook Statistics

eBooks in the collection as of 12/31/2021: 6,554
eAudioBooks in the collection as of 12/31/2021: 2,115
Total as of 12/31/21: 8,650

Number of books purchased in 2021:
Ebooks: 543
AudioBooks: 269

Number of books expired in 2021:
Ebooks: 626
Audiobooks: 134


Union Catalog Holds — Calendar Year


Union Catalog Holds — Courier Fiscal Year

2020 – 2021