Innovations and Initiatives

Staff members constantly scan the horizon for opportunities to enhance library services and collections. If you'd like to chat about such things, reach out to us!

Public Library Policy Collection

Do your library’s policies need some work and review? If you’re looking for examples from other libraries, we have just the perfect resource.

The Public Library Policy Collection is available for anyone to search, browse and download example library policies.

Bear in mind that any policy you utilize should be reviewed and customized according to your local and state laws. And of course, it’s always best practice that you discuss major changes with your board (even seeking approval).

No Store

We’ll pick up, ship and resell or recycle your library’s weeded material. That income comes back to help feed CLiC’s bottom line, enabling us to more cost-effectively serve your library across all of our other services! Read more about Program guidelines and material specifications. Here’s a video with more detail, and please don’t hesitate to contact us with your questions.


Unite for Literacy

Hundreds of free online ebooks. Fill out the request form, and we’ll provide you with access to two styles of MARC records files you can import to your library’s catalog.

Wifi Service

A managed service with crazy-good wifi and statistics your library can actually use. Prepare to pinch yourself — you won’t believe how affordable it is. Check out this service flyer, or read a testimonial and then Contact us to learn more about this service and if it’s right for your library.

Key elements of the service

  • Replaces existing Wi-Fi equipment
  • Low-cost, rock-solid
  • Meaningful and accurate Wi-Fi usage statistics
  • Easy-to-access reports


Fiscal Agency & Grants Management

CLiC’s fiscal agency services are designed to provide library groups, 501(c)3 organizations and collaboratively-formed project teams with a solid organizational infrastructure. The scope of service is determined by the customer’s needs, and can range from full-spectrum support to time-bound grant projects. Contact us to discuss your fiscal agency needs.

Guide for Understanding Strident Claims
About the Electronic Resources in Your Library or School

Schools and libraries possess the expertise and responsibility to choose, license/buy and manage digital content useful to their local communities.

Some individuals in Colorado are attacking libraries and librarians for doing that work, and are claiming that databases and e-book collections are full of pornography. Previously, these individuals have demanded a statewide ban of all databases and certain e-book products. Lately, the demands are for schools and libraries to discontinue their licenses to products from EBSCO, Gale/Cengage, Proquest, Overdrive and other library vendors.

This updated guide will help the reader better understand these claims, and offers suggestions for libraries and schools in how to address such attacks.

MiCTA Resources

CLiC has already paid for membership on behalf of Colorado libraries and schools! Your organization can access ready-to-use contracts, professional RFP development, product research, competitive pricing, contract options, administrative cost savings and participation agreements. Contact us to learn more!