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CLiC connects participating libraries all across Colorado so that they can share material. The courier service is the physical delivery side of interlibrary loan.

Colorado Library – Courier Services

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Use our Courier Code Lookup Page to search for codes and libraries, schools or academic institutions on the Colorado courier system.

Courier Code Lookup

Use our Routing Slip Creator to create and print courier slips.

Print Courier Slips

If you’d like to report a service issue, please visit our “Contact Library Courier” page and select the relevant form.

Libraries are strongly advised to read and understand Colorado ILL Best Practices and the Interlibrary Loan Code for the United States, both of which provide the basis for library resource sharing in Colorado.

User Guides

Click Here to access a directory of guides. You’ll find…

  • Courier Best Practices & Procedures
  • Delivery Information
  • Selected Courier Policies
  • Courier Log Sheets templates
  • and more

Courier Holidays

Courier services are not available on the following days:

  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas
  • New Year’s Day
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day (Observed)
  • Labor Day
No Store
Material recycling that helps reduce Courier costs!

We’ll pick up, ship and resell or recycle your library’s weeded material. That income comes back to help feed CLiC’s bottom line, enabling us to more cost-effectively serve your library across all of our other services! Read more about Program guidelines and material specifications. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with your questions. Want to learn a bit more? Watch our video here…

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With courier costs, each library situation is unique and is dependent on local interlibrary loan practices. Operating costs are calculated annually on behalf of all participating libraries, and are a direct result of the previous year’s resource-sharing activity (July through June).

CLiC has two goals:

  1. Continue to encourage resource sharing throughout Colorado and to maintain affordable pricing for libraries that voluntarily request to participate in the Courier service.
  2. Ensure sustainability of the statewide Courier service by maintaining predictability in libraries’ costs while still allowing CLiC to “pay the bills” associated with operation of this statewide service, which has handled nearly 2 million physical items EACH of the past two years [2022 & 2023].

Costs have been reduced for participating libraries! How is this possible? Learn more by reading here…

Base Courier Rates (October 2023 - September 2024)

# of Stops per WeekProjected FY23-24 RateActual/Discounted FY23-24 Rate *$ Savings
Community Stop$131.29$76.48$54.81
3 Days$954.39$555.95$398.43
4 Days$1,908.78$1,667.86$240.91
5 Days$2,983.42$2,606.87$376.55
* Result of the $150K additional state appropriation / subsidy

High Volume ILL Fee Chart (October 2023 – September 2024)

Total ILLsProjected FY23-24 RateActual/Discounted FY23-24 Rate *$ Savings
<3000$ -$ -$ -
25000 and above$.37 per ILL$.35 per ILL$.02 per ILL
* Result of the $150K additional state appropriation/subsidy