CLiC Consultants – YOUR Colleagues on Call

Your CLiC Consultant works with you, in your library, at your point of need. Consultants share expertise, inform about library trends, teach skills, support library initiatives, lend a helping hand, and most of all, listen. All for free. Connecting with your area consultant will connect you to the library world.

New Director’s Guide for Public Libraries

The CLiC Colleague on Call team created this guide expressly for new Library Directors in rural communities. Not a new Director? You never know what you might find to inspire and refresh.

Policy Development

Development and revision of policies is crucial for a smooth-running library and essential for staying out of hot water. You’ll also want to check out the Public Library Policy Collection.

Collection Management

Where do you start?! Tips and hands-on help with everything from selection, donations, weeding to disposal of unwanted materials.

Just Released
Hot off the presses!

Our updated guides for board development, FAQs: Colorado Open Meetings Law and FAQs: Running a Meeting, are also available!


Aarrgh! Budgets, fundraising, auditing and accountability, e-rate, and more. Connect to resources with CLiC.

Board Development

A happy, well-functioning board equals a happy, well-functioning library. Check out our latest guides for library boards, FAQs: Colorado Open Meetings Law and FAQs: Running a Meeting.

Human Resources

Managing human resources can be a minefield of legal and emotional situations. From recruiting to termination, we offer specialized assistance. Contact Andrea Pettegrew with your questions.

For your convenience:


Need guidance with planning, maintenance procedures, wifi solutions, discounted software? Call us. Occasionally we’ll have a general guide to offer, like our CIPA Software Options for Small Libraries document.

Community Partnerships

United we stand…forming community partnerships is the path to keeping your library relevant.

Strategic Planning

Informed planning for everything from daily operations to strategic planning isn’t as hard as you think. Nor does it need to be complicated. Our Quick Guide to Strategic Planning might just be the jump start your library needs.

Space Utilization

A fresh eye can help revitalize your space and improve patron experience.

On-Site Training

Have laptop, will travel. Let us help you solve issues specific to your needs.