You did it. The funding drought has ended.

It Was 17 Years Without an Increase in State Funding

But then some library leaders stepped up. And they began their advocacy.

Notably, Amy Shipley (Director of the Basalt Regional Library) and Elektra Greer (Director of the Nederland Community Library) urged their colleagues across the state to contact legislators, and they pressed the CAL Legislative Committee to make this funding initiative a strategic priority.

Statewide, libraries had a stake: saving money on their courier costs, and sustaining a crucial aspect of Colorado library infrastructure.

You might not be aware of this, but CLiC’s funding is used to pay for or subsidize the cost of ALL services provided to public libraries, academic institutions, and schools — that includes the statewide Courier.

We also asked that YOU contact legislators to tell them what CLiC or the statewide courier means for your library and the community you serve. And you did it! You advocated for your library.

Big News for Libraries

And The Advocacy Paid Off

For the first time in 17 years, the state appropriation for CLiC was increased — by $150,000. As a result of this additional state funding — which CLiC earmarked as subsidy for the statewide Courier — management was able to apply significant reductions to the Courier cost model, across all areas and with cost-saving impact for ALL participating libraries. Last spring, the CLiC Board endorsed a proposed implementation of significant percentage reductions for small and rural libraries, which historically have been underfunded across Colorado. However, large libraries also will see measurable reductions in their costs.

Overall, as a result of the additional state funding, libraries throughout Colorado will enjoy savings ranging from 8% to nearly 48%, depending on each library’s size, its volume of resource-sharing activity, and its number of service/stop days. We’re preparing materials and stories to reflect the incredible impact this will have for libraries and the communities they serve. But we still need your help!

Call to Action

1 First, we ask that you THANK every member of the Joint Budget Committee. These are the six powerful legislators charged with helping to prepare budget recommendations for the entire State of Colorado. The group works throughout the year. You can email each one directly – see the JBC contact information at the bottom of this page. Share with legislators your own story for how reduced costs for your library benefit the community you serve. But please be sure to say Thank You!

2 Second, we ask that you share your story with CLiC! It’s crucial that we gather up examples of how communities across Colorado benefit from access to an affordable statewide library courier service. Consider dropping us a line using the form below.

Share Your Story

Advocate: Importance of Library Courier Services

Why is the statewide library Courier important for your community? How will reduced costs help your library? Any feedback you'd like to share about CLiC and the library infrastructure CLiC provides...

JBC Members 2022-23

These are the six powerful members of the Joint Budget Committee. Contact each individually using the information below. Please THANK each one for increasing the state appropriation provided to the Colorado Library Consortium.

Representative Rod BockenfeldRepresentative
Rod Bockenfeld
District 56 - Adams, Arapahoe
Representative Emily SirotaRepresentative
Emily Sirota
District 9 - Arapahoe, Denver
Representative Shannon BirdRepresentative
Shannon Bird
District 35 - Adams
Senator Jeff BridgesSenator
Jeff Bridges
District 26 - Arapahoe, Denver, Jefferson Countiesjeff.bridges.senate@coleg.gov303-866-4846
Senator Rachel ZenzingerSenator
Rachel Zenzinger
District 19 - Adams, Jefferson Countiessenatorrachelz@gmail.com303-866-4840
Senator Barbara KirkmeyerSenator
Barbara Kirkmeyer
District 23 - Larimer, Weld Countiesbarbara.kirkmeyer.senate@coleg.gov303-866-4876