After AspenCat Con

Last week, we held another successful virtual conference for AspenCat libraries. However, if you were not able to attend, we’ve got you (mostly) covered. Please see below for recordings and notes. Thank you for helping to make this experience educational and enjoyable!

Agenda and Recordings

  • CLiC Update with Jim Duncan (Recording)
  • State of the AspenCat Union with Bob Bennhoff (Recording)
  • ILL and Release Updates with Andrew Fuerste-Henry from ByWater (Recording)
  • Courier Update with Jim Duncan (Recording)
  • Library Tech in a Changing World: Frameworks for Mastery with Carson Block (Recording)
  • Aspen Discovery Updates with ByWater (Recording)


We discussed a lot of with Carson about technology and the changes our libraries have had to implement, as well as what makes our libraries special. Here are some notes from our libraries!