August AspenCat Users’ Group Meeting Overview

Koha upgrade fixes, back to school reminders, new CLiC staff member, and more! Look below to see our meeting agenda and notes. You can also listen to the meeting here.

Welcome to Winnie!
  • CLiC has added a new Talent Development Consultant
  • We are excited to work with Winnie on AspenCat trainings, CLiC Workshops, and future AspenCat Conferences!
Koha Upgrade Updates
  • There were supposed to be no big changes with this upgrade, however we do have a lot of unique settings resulting in multiple issues that needed fixed:
    • Auto-renewals were broken, but are now fixed!
    • Spine labels were broken, but are now fixed!
    • Adding and duplicating items was broken, but is now fixed!
    • Search results were showing no results, even if your library owned the item – that is now fixed and you should be back to seeing that your library owns an item in bold green
    • Issues with barcode prefixes are almost completely fixed – barcodes that are under 14 digits and have an alpha character will not be recognized – you should exchange these out with 14 digit barcodes when you come across them
    • Libraries were seeing that they could edit or delete other libraries’ items – this is now fixed! Your library’s items used to float to the top and were highlighted, but we are still working on getting that fixed; for now, your library’s items will be at the bottom. It’s easier and a better idea to click the “edit” button to the right of the item in the Normal Record View, instead of clicking edit items on the top pull down menu:

Testing for Future Updates
  • Since we do not work in a library or have enough time to test everything, we will need some libraries to do testing for us for our next upgrade – we will send out a sandbox link and have you do some of your day-to-day operations in production and the sandbox
    • This way, we can get some fixes in before the upgrade happens!
  • Bob is working on making holds easier for the AspenCat team to manage, as well as cutting down on issues like the ability to choose the wrong pickup location. Please send in a ticket if you notice something not working correctly with your holds
Prospector Update
  • We were hoping to expand this service to most of our libraries this month, but due to some staffing changes at ByWater, we do not have the adequate support for that to happen yet. We will keep working with Prospector and ByWater to work out the issues that currently exist, so we can have a good process before we get our other public libraries on. We’re hopeful for October, but we will keep you updated!
Schools – Back in Session?
  • Let us know when you are ready for your holds to be turned back on (for your patrons and/or for AspenCat ILL)
  • If you would like to group students with teachers, let us know (you can send us a list of teachers)
    • Send us updated lists if you already have this function
  • We should have all hard due dates off now, but let us know if you’re seeing issues with loan periods
CLiC Barcode Scanners
  • Did you borrow scanners from CLiC for inventory? If so, could you please let us know and return those to the CLiC office when you are done with them
Exciting EBSCO News
  • We have the ability to integrate EBSCOhost articles in the Discovery Layer!
    • Lauren will be sending out emails to those libraries that have EBSCO to go over settings in the next month
New Banner in the Discovery Layer
  • Any items added in the last seven days will have a “New!” banner on them
    • These will show in saved searches for logged in patrons under their Your Saved Searches browse category
    • They will also show in search results
2022 AspenCat Conference
  • We are planning on having this FREE annual conference virtually on October 25th
    • This will likely not last all day
    • We will be having awards this year! Some of the libraries receiving these awards will be asked to participate in a panel discussion so they can share what they are doing – we will be contacting these libraries in the next month

As always, please let us know if you have any questions!