April AspenCat Users’ Group Meeting Overview

Welcome to a new library branch – email notifications – school resource sharing, and MORE! Look below to see our meeting agenda and notes, along with some helpful links! You can also listen to the meeting here.

  1. Migrating Library – Southwest La Plata – Sunnyside Branch

Southwest La Plata is Colorado’s newest library district and Sunnyside will be joining AspenCat in May.  Fort Lewis Mesa is the other school/public branch in the district that has already joined AspenCat.


  1. Email Notifications Update

Many libraries have successfully verified with AWS (Amazon Web Services) and that has improved the amount of notice emails that were bouncing.  If you have thought that emails from AWS seemed fishy, that is a good instinct, but they are not.  We will send out some more round of emails to libraries who haven’t verified yet, and clicking on the link provided is all you need to do.


  1. Turning off Resource Sharing in Schools

To ensure materials that are lent get back to schools before they close for the summer, now is a good time to turn off resource sharing, just put in a ticket and the AspenCat team will take care of the rest.


  1. Cataloging Summer School

The AspenCat team is developing a series of cataloging webinars that will be live and recorded to train on specific aspects of cataloging over the summer.  Stay tuned for topics and times on the listserv and the CLiC website.


  1. Call Number Suggestion

When adding an item there is now a tag editor that can be found by looking to the right of where you enter the call number and clicking on the three dots.  This will populate a list of call numbers in the general vicinity of your search, which can help identify a good call number to use for your library’s item.


  1. Web Builder Update

We continue to offer customizations to the discovery layer either by adding links and individual pages, or by reconfiguring the entire look of the discovery layer to make it feel more like a website.  Submit a ticket if there are ideas you have for customizing your library’s discovery layer.


  1. New Feature – Discovery Layer Shows if Patron has Item on Hold or a Copy Checked Out

Patrons will now be able to see a message informing them if they have an item on hold already or checked out already above the button to place a hold.  They can still opt to place an additional hold, but this just informs them that they already have it or have requested an item.


  1. Spring Workshops

Spring workshop registration continues through April 18th and is only $25 for the full workshop.  The workshop will be held on zoom April 22nd and 23rd.  For more information visit https://www.clicweb.org/2021-virtual-spring-workshop-2/


  1. Open Forum

SWIFT continues to make progress getting libraries onto their new software and will be launching a library who will not just be able to borrow, but lend and have patron initiated requests soon.  If a library needs to start this process they can do so by visiting this page https://www.coloradovirtuallibrary.org/uncategorized/swift-migration-start-your-engines/