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For a library desiring reduced service, CLiC will make every effort to accommodate that request, but we cannot guarantee fulfillment of that request. For instance, a library may want to reduce its delivery days from 3-per-week to 1-per-week, and even specify a certain day. Our contracted carrier (Western Peaks Logistics) may not be able to schedule a delivery route using those parameters because routes are, by design, mixed-use streams. In short, library materials share space on fleet vehicles with other customers contracting with Western Peaks Logistics.

In addition, CLiC’s contract with Western Peaks Logistics does not provide for route-level control, nor for library-by-library exceptions from the standard 3, 4, or 5-day service schedule. That said… our relationship with Western Peaks is exceptional, and the company has absolutely bent over backwards in the past to accommodate a majority of our requests for such library exceptions… so we are optimistic that YOUR library’s request for an exception has potential.