2024 CLiC Virtual E-Resources Conference —Call for Presenters – Vendors

CLiC’s Virtual E-Resources Conference (October 8, 2024) is a time for libraries and vendors to come together to learn from one another and share knowledge.

Electronic resources are often not utilized to their full potential by libraries and the communities they serve. Lack of visibility leads to patrons and students being unaware of the e-resources available, causing low usage, and ultimately contributing to a library’s decision to discontinue licensing valuable resources based on poor utilization. It’s a self-fulfilling death spiral! The ultimate goal of the conference is to equip libraries with practical strategies and reasons to better utilize and promote their electronic resources.

This is an opportunity to share your knowledge to help better equip librarians help their communities!

What we are looking for in a presentation:

1. How to use the product in practical situations, not just demonstrating features. Real-world examples.
You have delivered many sales demos before, showing features and functions. This is NOT that kind of presentation!
Do you have a concrete examples, real-world situations when patrons & students should use the e-resource? How about practical ideas for how libraries can use the product to support their community?
We want to hear all about it.


2. How to promote electronic resources.
Libraries already know you have a plethora of pre-designed bookmarks and flyers at the ready for them to use. Let’s take it further.
Have you come up with new ways to promote e-resources? What do those strategies look like, and how easy are they to implement?
Maybe you have a list of best practices to share?
We want to hear all about it.


3. How to set up electronic resources on a library website to promote discoverability.
Libraries offer more than just your product to their communities. It can be a challenge to display them all on the library’s website. The go-to result is an onerous A-Z list of what the library licenses.
Do you have ideas and strategies to offer libraries that go further? How about better ways to set up and promote your (and other) electronic resources products on their website?
We want to hear all about it.

Share YOUR knowledge and enthusiasm with us at the 2024 CLiC Virtual E-Resources Conference

NOTE: If your presentation is accepted you will be required to complete a run-through with CLiC a minimum of two weeks before the conference. The purpose is to provide you feedback and equip you for success. Traditional sales presentations or demos simply won’t cut it. If this feedback session is not completed, your presentation will be pulled from the schedule.

Deadline to submit proposals is July 29, 2024

Conference Date: October 8, 2024
Session Length: 20 Minutes

Call for Presenters Submission Form
NOTE: This form is for vendors submitting presentations. If you are a library, please see the Library Call for Presenter form here.

Conference Date: October 8, 2024