Highlighting eResources

During this time, it is more important than ever to let your patrons/students know that you have resources available to them online.
This list is to help you evaluate and maximize your website to let your community know you have these important online resources.

Highlight your online resources on your Home page

How many clicks do your patrons/students have before they reach the resource?
Patrons/students should be able to access the resource from your home page within 1-2 clicks.
Home -> Resource
Home -> Category/Topic/Audience -> Resource

Is it easy to see that you have resources from your home page?
Your patrons/students should see that you have resources available to them immediately when they reach your website. Highlight them in things like a rotating banner.

Do you have a book river in your catalog?
Change the book river to display digital titles instead of the physical ones.
If you are an AspenCat library contact Bob and Lauren to change this.

Organize your resources by topic/category/audience

Do you have a long alphabetical list of resources?
Patrons/students are not going to read though a long list to “see” what you have. If you organize by topic/category they are much more likely to keep looking. Separate out to topics such as: Do It Yourself, Genealogy, History, Current Issues, Health and Medicine.

Do you have different ages mixed together?
If you separate out resources by kids, teens, and adults, patrons will explore further.
Note here: it is ok to repeat resources in multiple topics/categories/audiences.

Name them something that is identifiable to patrons/students

Do you call your resources “databases”?
The first thing most people think of when they hear the word “Database” is a boring long list of information. Name them something like “Online Library” or “Online Resources,” “Research and Online Learning”.

Do you call the resource what the Vendor calls it?
Sometimes vendors don’t always name their products as something recognizable. For example, MAS Ultra means nothing to a patron/student. Explora High School makes more sense.

Include descriptions of the resource

You have now highlighted the resource, organized it, and named it. You have their attention. Don’t lose them now. Tell them what that resource is going to do for them.
OK, so Explora High School makes more sense than Mas Ultra; but ultimately, what is Explora High School? Don’t make them guess.

Free eResources

CLiC uses the power of cooperative purchasing to save libraries money. CLiC works with vendors to provide significant savings for libraries and schools.
During this time, several of our vendor partners are providing their excellent resources for FREE. [Read more…]

Free Resources

CLiC uses the power of cooperative purchasing to save libraries money. CLiC works with vendors to provide significant savings for libraries and schools.
During this time, several of our vendor partners are providing their excellent resources for FREE. [Read more…]

Statewide Library Courier Services Suspended Until Further Notice


CLiC’s mission: Connecting. Energizing. Inspiring. Services for libraries throughout Colorado.

This informs everything we do, along with our other beliefs such as the importance of supporting local decision making by every library in Colorado. But these are unprecedented times.

CLiC has made the decision to suspend statewide library courier service effective March 26, 2020 until further notice. This decision was not made lightly. We believe that right now our priority is to do our part to support the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment’s “Stay at Home” public health order for the entire state.

For the past two weeks, our Courier Support Team has been in constant communication with colleagues at Western Peaks Logistics, and both of our organizations have made every effort to continue providing delivery services to libraries where desired or possible. We have also heard details from Western Peaks concerning the impact the COVID-19 situation is having on the delivery needs of essential services such as hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies. Western Peaks Logistics needs to focus on its role in the supply chain, supporting such critical services.

Libraries are in the business of enriching lives, and it is a worthy endeavor to help people and communities meet local needs and exceed aspirations. Statewide resource sharing is a crucial aspect of the infrastructure we ALL provide to our communities, and at some point in the future this activity will return to normal.

However, we must all recognize the realities of today, that life-saving services within our communities are what come first. Hospitals, clinics, pharmacies and other health-related, front-line services need to be able to rely on local and regional transportation infrastructure & systems to deliver the products and resources necessary to care for the people in all of our communities.

CLiC is doing its part. We encourage your organizations to do the same.

Be well,
Jim Duncan | Executive Director
and the rest of the CLiC team


PREVIOUS to March 26–

Early on March 13, 2020 CLiC began to receive a smattering of calls and emails notifying us of school & library closures AND asking us to suspend courier service. CLiC immediately sent the following broadcast message to every individual listed in our courier management system database…

If your organization makes a decision to close that impacts your courier service (ability of your library/school to send or receive items), PLEASE let us know with a brief email to courierhelp@clicweb.org. Please include your library/school name, courier code, and a good email contact. CLiC is your conduit to informing Western Peaks and its contractors (and drivers).

Below is a list of closures reported to CLiC as of Thursday 3/26/2020, 2:45 PM. There will be no more updates to this list for the foreseeable future.

To be clear, effective 3/26/2020 CLiC is suspending courier deliveries to ALL libraries, schools, academic institutions and other organizations, including any NOT listed here.

Census 2020 For Libraries


This is not a webinar! You will not only hear from the experts, but we will begin with professional storyteller Megan Wells to inspire us all. You will also be able to participate in the call, ask questions and talk with fellow library staff.

So make sure you have a cup of coffee and your favorite morning snack so you can relax and enjoy the one-hour event.

This unique and highly engaging online experience is exclusively for Colorado library staff to share best practices, answer questions and get excited to start the countdown to the count! Meet some of your peers from around the state while hearing from top census experts and Jim Duncan of CLiC.

Our panelists include:

Natriece Bryant Deputy Executive Director, CO Dept of Local Affairs

Rosemary Rodriguez
Executive Director, Together We Count Colorado

Gillian Winbourn
Project Director, Together We Count

Jim Duncan
Executive Director Colorado Library Consortium CLiC

Join the party
Thursday, February 20, 2020 @ 10am

Registration is mandatory!

You can register for your library and have your team meet in a conference room, or register individually.
Let’s see how many Colorado libraries we can gather together at the same time!