CLiC & Connect 2024

CLiC & Connect 2024 – In-Person Rural Meetups

CLiC’s in person rural meetups provide time to connect with colleagues from rural and small libraries, exchange practical ideas that are specific to YOU, and have fun!

NEW for 2024 – in collaboration with Colorado State Library CLiC is offering CDE continuing education credit for school library staff who attend the regional meetups.

Registration cost is $25 and includes lunch.

2024 CLiC & Connects will be held:

  • Southwest: Friday, April 12, 2024 in Durango
  • Southeast: Friday, April 26, 2024 in Pueblo
  • Northwest: Wednesday, May 15, 2024 in Steamboat
  • Northeast: Friday, May 17, 2024 in Fort Morgan

The registration deadline for each event is one week prior. Learn more and register here.

Questions? Just ask at


Guidance from CLiC

Guidance is a CLiC Away

Our Colleague on Call team is easy to reach, and responsive. Here’s the contact page

But you should know we produce useful guides and FAQs, too. See our ConC Expertise page, then please reach out! Our consultants are all too happy to visit with you.



Lightbox Learning

Public Library Policy Collection

Created specifically for small and rural libraries.

It began with an observation: every week, we see email messages on listservs asking, “Hey, does anyone have a policy on [topic] they’d be willing to share?” followed by lots of “YES! I’m interested, too!”

An idea took root. CLiC’s Sara Wright and ARSL President Kieran Hixon (2018) started fertilizing their plan. What if there could be a central place where policies could be stored, searched and retrieved (but without a lot of complication)? How would it be nurtured and grown? Who would tend to this evolving tree of knowledge?

And the Tech Gnomes at CLiC went to work with their Digital saws and Hexcoded glues and Bit-sized hammers…

A Public Library Policy Collection web site was grown — a mix of organic matter and online carpentry. The collection is the tree; the interface is the tree house.

We hope you enjoy playing in it.


Created by CLiC staff with ARSL enthusiasm. Hosted and managed by CLiC!