FY23-24 Courier Estimates

Man unloading bins from truck

The Courier Team soon will be initiating the annual process of sending out courier cost estimates for the coming service year (October 2023 – September 2024). Those should be showing up in your email inboxes starting after September 20. If you have an urgent need for your library’s estimate, please email courierhelp@clicweb.org and we’ll work to expedite that document.

Pause for a moment and think about the impact of statewide resource sharing. Here’s a quote from a Western Slope library patron about why statewide resource sharing is so important, “I am an avid reader, usually having at least 2 books on my reading table, as well as one audio book in my car for commuting and another audio book in my house for distraction during housework and exercising. I always have several materials on my Hold list (today I have 8). I am so grateful for the courier service that brings me materials from our District, as well as outside it. In fact, my life would be so much drearier without it!

That right there is why we do all the work that makes statewide resource sharing happen!