Returning to Service: Libraries and COVID-19

With a lift of the statewide “stay-at-home” public health order, many directors and managers have started planning for a return to service in the wake of a first wave of COVID-19. CLiC’s guides try to answer a variety of questions:

“When we start to re-open our buildings, how can we do this safely?”

“What’s the potential for material (returned by patrons, or transported by the statewide courier) to be ‘infected’ with COVID-19?”

“What HR considerations are involved with a return to service?”

Guide 1: “Libraries Returning to Service and COVID-19” – V1.1 April 7. This short guide features four sections:

  • Protect Your Employees and Volunteers
  • Deep Clean Your Library
  • Handle Materials Safely
  • Variables Out of Your Control

Guide 2: “Human Resources Q&A: Libraries and COVID-19” – V1.0 April 29. This 5-page guide features a handful of Q&A-style sections involving the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) and other nuanced HR considerations.

We’ll update these guides sporadically as new information emerges.