What are “Extras?”

The Future. What’s on the horizon for Colorado libraries?

Pushing the envelope on behalf of libraries, staff members constantly scan the horizon for opportunities to enhance library services and collections. Our current special projects are captured under the Innovations & Initiatives section of our web site, while our past experiments are captured under the Things We’ve Tried section.

CLiC’s primary focus is on the core services: AspenCat | Library Courier | Continuing Education | Colleague on Call | Save Money. Beyond these: the “Extras.”

Libraries do SO MUCH, and CLiC is a part of the community. Like every healthy organism, we evolve. We listen to the needs of libraries and take action to respond. Sometimes we see patterns in the noise where others don’t, and we anticipate the weather changes impacting Colorado’s libraries…which almost makes it seem like CLiC can predict the future. We can’t. But we sure-as-shootin’ can try to influence it.