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Virtual E-Resources Conference

Call For Presenters

CLiC’s Virtual E-Resources Conference (October 8, 2024) is a time for libraries and vendors to come together to learn from one another and share knowledge.

As libraries, we spend a lot of money on electronic resources. It can be a challenge to promote and display these in our print-centric organizations. This is an opportunity to share your best practices and maybe pick up some ideas to use in your library in a quick 20 minute session! 

What we are looking for in a presentation:

1. How to use the product in practical ways, not just features. Real-world examples.
We have all sat through how-to demonstrations, showing the functions of a database or other e-resource. This is NOT that kind of presentation!
Have you used an electronic resource in your library that affected your community; how did that happen? Have you created a program that used electronic resources that was successful?
We want to hear all about it.


2. How to promote electronic resources.
We have all used the traditional approach of creating or using vendor-produced bookmarks and flyers. Those certainly have their place, but only go so far.
Have you come up with a new way to promote e-resources that worked well? Do you have best practices for reaching your community you’d like to share?
We want to hear all about it.


3. How to set up electronic resources on a library website to promote discoverability.
With so many products to manage and to serve up to our communities, we often resort to A-Z lists of e-resources.
Do you have a better way to set up and promote your electronic resources on your library website?
We want to hear all about it.

Share YOUR knowledge and enthusiasm with us at the 2024 CLiC Virtual E-Resources Conference

Deadline to submit proposals is August 16, 2024

Call for Presenters Submission Form
NOTE: This form is for libraries submitting presentations. If you are a vendor, please see the Vendor Call for Presenter form here.

Conference Date: October 8, 2024