FOLIO Meet-up Colorado 2019

Imagine a community working together to develop technologies that meet the unique functional needs of each library today, while positioning libraries to grow and evolve into the future. In this one-day symposium, discuss the FOLIO project, a community collaboration to develop an open source platform that will support traditional library management functionality and is built for innovation. Join fellow librarians from Colorado as we explore the future of library technology.

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10:00 – 10:45
Welcome and FOLIO 101 – Christopher Holly, EBSCO

10: 45 – 11:30
Kevin Kidd, Director, Wentworth Institute of Technology Library, to present on Fenway Libraries Online’s (FLO) decision to choose FOLIO and look at a single v. multi-tenant implementation

11:30 – 12:30
Vendor panel, looking at various options for FOLIO service providers, with:

  • Brendan Gallagher, ByWater Solutions
  • Christopher Holly, EBSCO
  • Mike Gorrell, Index Data

12:30 – 1:15
Lunch will be provided

1:15 – 2:30
Deep dive with U Colorado Boulder – Hear how CU is participating in the community; see what 3 FOLIO Special Interest Groups (SIGs) are working on; and watch live demos with:

  • Leslie Reynolds, OLE Board Member
  • Laura Wright, Metadata Management SIG
  • Nicole Trujillo, Resource Management SIG
  • Deborah Hamrick, Accessibility SIG

2:30 – 3:00
A look at project tech issues and challenges (including AWS hosting, inreach integration/API integration) – Mike Gorrell, FOLIO Technical Council member

3:00 – 3:15
Timeline and Q&A with all presenters

Register at: FOLIO Meet-up Colorado 2019 Event

Change in service to mountain (and other rural) communities

MARCH 20, 2019 —

Yesterday afternoon CLiC was informed by American Courier that its material transportation services, which reach many mountain communities across the state, will see some changes. This morning, we were informed that several libraries in the NE part of the state ALSO will experience this change in providers.

American Courier has shifted its primary subcontracted carrier (for certain routes) to a new company. Libraries listed below WILL be affected by this change in contracted carriers. New drivers can be expected, along with a period of rocky transition.

Here’s an analogy: think of it like mail service at your house. One day you might have one mail carrier delivering letters and bills — then the individual retires — and the next day you see a different mail carrier. Bottom line: you’ll still get mail.

Communication is key. Please let us know how things are shaping up in terms of material delivery to your library, where you’re seeing problems, and when you’re receiving good service from a driver, too.

In addition, there is significant potential for new routing to be established. CLiC is actively communicating with American Courier to learn more about ALL of these potential changes. Please submit a report about any issue your library encounters, using our forms. Thank you for your vigilance and communication as we monitor this evolving situation.

Libraries affected:

C124 Summit County Library - Main Branch (Frisco) (Frisco Library)
C124.nb Summit County Library - North Branch (Silverthorne) (Silverthorne Library) Summit County Library - South Branch (Breckenridge) (Breckenridge Library)
C127 Colorado Correctional Center Library (at campus George West)
C702 Grand County Library District - Juniper Library at Grand Lake (Marmot Juniper Public Library)
C704 Grand County Library District - Administration
C707 Northwest Colorado BOCES
C712 Colorado Mountain College - CMC - Virtual Library - Dillon (Marmot Dillon Center) Summit School District
C714 Colorado Mountain College - CMC - Virtual Learning Center - Edwards Center (Marmot CMC Vail-Eagle Valley Campus)
C716 Grand County Library District - Granby Branch (Granby Public Library)
C720 Eagle Valley Library District - Gypsum Public Library (Marmot)
C722 East Routt Library District - Bud Werner Memorial Library - Main Library (Marmot Steamboat Springs Public Library)
C722.jc Jackson County Public Library
C723 Steamboat Springs RE-2 School District (Steamboat Springs High School)
C724 Grand County Library District - Hot Sulphur Springs Branch (Marmot Hot Sulphur Springs Public Library)
C726 Colorado Mountain College - CMC - Steamboat Springs Campus Library (Marmot CMC Steamboat)
C728 Eagle Valley Library District - Avon Public Library (Marmot)
C730 Eagle Valley Library District - Eagle Public Library (Marmot)
C732 Vail Public Library (Vail Public Library)
C734 Grand County Library District - Fraser Valley Branch (Marmot Fraser Valley Public Library)
C736 Grand County Library District - Kremmling Branch (Marmot Kremmling Branch Library)
C744 South Routt Library District - Oak Creek Public Library (Oak Creek Public Library)
C747 South Routt Library District - Yampa Public Library (Yampa Public Library)
C802 Northeastern Junior College - Monahan Library
C804 Julesburg Public Library
C804.ju Julesburg RE-1 School District
C808 Sterling Correctional Facility - East and West
C814 Fleming Community Library
C816 Haxtun Public Library
C828 Sterling Public Library
C828.vs Valley RE-1 School District
C830 Heginbotham Public Library
C830.hs Holyoke RE-1J School District
C882 Park County Public Library - Bailey Branch (Bailey Public Library)
C896 Colorado Mountain College - CMC - Timberline Campus Library (Marmot)
C932 Park County Public Library - Fairplay Branch (Fairplay Library)
C936 Clear Creek Library District - Idaho Springs Public Library (Idaho Springs Public Library)
C950 Clear Creek Library District - John Tomay Memorial Library Georgetown (Georgetown Public Library)
C952 Lake County Public Library - Leadville (Leadville Library)



CLiC Dropped from Lawsuit

Centennial, CO— 2/27/2019Last week a small group of parents calling themselves Pornography is Not Education (PINE) dropped their lawsuit against the Colorado Library Consortium (CLiC), a nonprofit organization that serves several hundred libraries, schools and academic institutions across the state. The complaint, filed with Arapahoe County District Court in October 2018, was the result of a two-year campaign by the parents to censor and remove a variety of educational research products from schools and libraries across Colorado.

The lawsuit claimed that CLiC knowingly brokers various forms of pornography, including sexually explicit materials in the form of graphic images, obscene text, advertising for sex toys, and active links to escort service web sites. The suit further claimed that CLiC markets such content to schools and libraries.

“Librarians occupy a crucial role as professional selectors and managers of content, from books to e-resources… not pornography,” said Jim Duncan, Executive Director for CLiC. “In today’s Information Age, we celebrate the services provided by these qualified and knowledgeable individuals working throughout Colorado’s libraries and schools. CLiC supports and helps libraries achieve greatness in our communities daily.”

Prior to the lawsuit, the parents threatened legal action against Cherry Creek School District, and they claimed victory for that district’s decision to remove vast amounts of educational material from its schools, including several thousand magazines, newspapers and other forms of electronic research resources. Local news coverage by Denver’s Channel 9News, highlighting the parents’ censorship success in pressuring the school district’s decision, rippled through other schools and districts served by CLiC.

EBSCO Information Services, also named in the lawsuit, is a leading provider of research databases, e-journals, magazine subscriptions, and e-books to libraries of all types across the country and internationally. PINE has dropped the lawsuit against EBSCO as well. Although not named in the lawsuit, other vendors of products licensed by libraries, such as Gale/Cengage, ProQuest, and OverDrive also have been cited by the parent group as delivering pornographic content to schools and libraries.

“Money and time spent on CLiC’s legal defense in this frivolous lawsuit could have been better used to support schools, libraries, and our communities,” Duncan said. “CLiC unifies libraries so that they deliver a valuable return on taxpayer investments… throughout our state’s many diverse regions, from rural to suburban to urban to mountain communities.”

“Parents, grandparents, community leaders and students — across Colorado — continue to trust librarians. They are right to value the services and rich resources offered by libraries and schools,” he said.

# # #

Media contact:

Jim Duncan, Executive Director

On the ground, at the point of need

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CLiC is Closed – Oct 23


A friendly heads up that the CLiC office will be closed Tuesday, October 23, for a Staff Summit. The last time our organization closed on a weekday for a staff in-service event was more than six years ago, so we hope you’ll forgive the temporary disconnect from you, the libraries we serve.

CLiC always strives to help libraries achieve greatness in their communities. On occasion, we need to step away from our desks and strategize on CLiC’s role in the library community and discuss what the future may hold. This is that time for us.

Thank you for your understanding and patience! We’ve tried to train up some of our four-legged friends to fill in for us, but they keep taking naps.

-Jim Duncan, Executive Director