Powering Small Libraries

AspenCat is a shared catalog (integrated library system-ILS) that includes more than 115 libraries and more than a million items. Participating libraries share more than 4,500 physical materials and ebooks each month.

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Sending and receiving right from your back door

CLiC’s key service that delivers physical materials between member libraries throughout the state, as well as providing connections to resource sharing in other states. Learn More!

Growing Library Staff

CLiC is dedicated to providing affordable talent development opportunities in-person and online for library staff.   
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On the ground for libraries across Colorado

CLiC is meeting libraries at their point of need with regional, in-the-field consulting. Consultants work with libraries to support them with operations, governance, community engagement and more.   
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Saving money? Yes please!

CLiC enables libraries to have access to electronic resources, databases, supplies and more through discounts negotiated by CLiC.   
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Pushing the envelope

Staff members constantly scan the horizon for new opportunities beyond our core services. We'll even experiment, try out new products and services to see if they meet libraries' needs. Learn More!

Why CLiC?

Whether your library is large, small, or somewhere in the middle, CLiC makes things happen. We are your colleagues and part of the Colorado library community.   
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Talent Development




Memory, how does it work?

Picture of 3 heads, each labeled with Sensory Memory, Short-term (working) memory and long-term memory.

Learning is a complex task, and memory is a key piece of making learning stick.  Understanding how memory works can help you design effective training. [Read more…]

AspenCat Glossary

Have you ever wondered what the difference between AspenCat and CLiC is? Or what’s the difference between Koha and the Discovery Layer? You’re not alone! We’ve created a glossary/flow chart that helps explain some of the terms and systems we use daily as part of AspenCat. [Read more…]

Guidance from CLiC

Guidance is a CLiC Away

Our Colleague on Call team is easy to reach, and responsive. Here’s the contact page

But you should know we produce useful guides and FAQs, too. See our ConC Expertise page, then please reach out! Our consultants are all too happy to visit with you.



CLiC & Connect 2023

CLiC & Connect 2023 – In-Person Rural Meetups

CLiC & Connect events emphasize a relaxing environment where you will have opportunities to network … to learn from each other… to set aside time for in-depth learning, and of course—have fun!

Registration cost is $25 and includes lunch. Scholarships with a travel stipend are available.

2023 CLiC & Connects will be held:

  • April 14: Colorado Mesa University CANCELLED
  • April 28: Pueblo Community College
  • May 2: Durango Public Library
  • May 5: Summit County Library, South Branch (Breckenridge)
  • May 12: Morgan Community College (Fort Morgan)

The registration deadline for each event is one week prior. Learn more, apply for a scholarship and register here.

Questions? Just ask at